Japanese Yen Sentiment Analysis & Market Outlook: USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY


IG data reveals a bearish tilt in sentiment towards USD/JPY, with 65.61% of clients holding net-short positions. This translates to a short-to-long ratio of 1.91 to 1. However, this bearishness has eased somewhat compared to both yesterday and last week.

Our trading approach often incorporates a contrarian perspective. The prevailing bearish sentiment suggests a potential for USD/JPY to push higher. Yet, the recent easing in net-short positions weakens this signal, creating a more different outlook: the broader trend may be on the cusp of reversing lower despite the fact that sellers continue to dominate.

Important Note: These mixed signals highlight why contrarian indicators shouldn’t be used in isolation. Always combine them with a thorough technical and fundamental analysis of USD/JPY for a more comprehensive and informed trading strategy.

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According to IG data, there’s a noticeable bearish sentiment surrounding EUR/JPY, with 69.73% of clients currently selling the pair. This equates to a short-to-long ratio of 2.30 to 1. Interestingly, while the bearishness towards the euro remains strong, it has slightly eased compared to both the previous trading session and last week.

We often employ a contrarian perspective in our trading. The prevalent pessimism towards EUR/JPY might hint at further upside in the near term. However, the recent decrease in the aggregate number of sellers introduces an element of uncertainty, as the shift in positioning may imply the broader trend could be about to reverse to the downside.

Key Takeaway: Contrarian signals provide a valuable alternative viewpoint, but they are most powerful when combined with technical and fundamental analysis. In the case of EUR/JPY, a comprehensive approach is crucial for navigating these conflicting signals.

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Based on IG data, 65.45% of retail clients are betting on GBP/JPY to decline, with the short-to-long ratio standing at 1.89 to 1. The tally of traders selling the pair is 11.54% higher than yesterday, but 12.93% lower than seven days ago. Conversely, bullish positions are 1.53% higher than yesterday and 85.98% above last week’s levels.

Our trading strategy often diverges from mainstream market sentiment. The fact that traders are net-short suggests there may be potential for GBP/JPY to rise in the near future. However, we have limited confidence in this call as bearishness has decreased significantly on the weekly timeframe. The mixed signals weaken our contrarian outlook, leading us to adopt a more neutral stance on GBP/JPY.

Major reminder: Contrarian signals can offer valuable insights, but they are most powerful when combined with a broader market analysis. In the case of GBP/JPY, the mixed signals necessitate a more nuanced approach that incorporates technical and fundamental analysis.

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