SAFE deposit account – earn up to 20% per annum with LiteFinance

Use SAFE account to earn up to 20% on your deposit per annum

Make profits in your trading accounts and pay free money into a SAFE deposit account to earn interest. Earn up to 20% per annum. The interest rate is floating, depending on your trading volumes.

What is a SAFE account?

SAFE is a non-trading savings account that LiteFinance’s client can open and top up to earn interest.

The profit and interest you can earn in a SAFE account is higher than at a bank.

Open a savings account with LiteFinance and earn up to 20% per annum. Interest payments are made every day!

SAFE benefits

  • Deposit account in US dollars
  • Floating rate, up to 20%
  • Interest rate depends on your trading volume
  • Daily interest payments
  • No minimum or maximum deposit limits
  • Withdrawals at any time

How does a SAFE account work?

  • The client tops up their SAFE account in the Client Profile area using a transfer from their trading accounts or any available payment system.
  • The client trades every day or copies trades in their trading account with LiteFinance
  • The interest rate is subject to the trading volume the client accomplishes in their trading accounts
  • The interest on the money held in a SAFE account is calculated and paid every day

How is a floating interest rate calculated?

Deposit interest depends on the client’s trading volume accomplished in their trading accounts.

The maximum interest rate is 20%.

Floating Interest Rate (FIR,% per annum) is calculated daily according to the formula:

FIR% = (K × L) / T, where

K is the company’s participation factor set at 10.1

L is the number of lots traded and completed in the past 30 days in the client’s trading accounts

T is the current deposit in a SAFE account increased by 5%

The client receives an interest payment daily based on the annual interest rate calculated. The daily interest payment is calculated as follows:

DailySUM = ((Balance × FIR%)/100) / 360, where

Balance – SAFE account minimum balance on the previous day, for which a daily payment is calculated.

How is deposit interest % generated?

To earn higher interest, the client needs to trade actively. The more lots the client trades, the higher their floating interest rate is.

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